Manchester City Fan Token Now on Binance                                                                              Manchester City Fan Token Now on Binance                                                                              Manchester City Fan Token Now on Binance                                                                              Manchester City Fan Token Now on Binance

Binance will list M.City token

Crypto money exhange Binance starts to list the next days

Crypto money exchange Binance annonced that M. City Fan Token which working with Chiliz infrastructure will be listed in the next days. For the beginning City will be listed Innovation Zone of the Exchange. But what is City coin?

Thus, a new one has been added to the increasing cryptocurrencies in recent years.While Binance's CITY Coin statement attracted the attention of crypto exchange investors, many investors began to search for information about CITY Coin.Binance users will be able to start trading with CITY/BTC, CITY/BUSD and CITY/USDT pairs as of 06:00 UTC. Before transactions begin, users can send CITY tokens to their wallets.

What is City Coin ( Fan Token)?

Tokens are usually assets that can represent proof of ownership or even membership.

As tokens are already used for a wide variety of purposes, many private blockchains have been developed with native intent to support tokens, the most common of which is currently Ethereum and their ERC standard tokens. is an app for football (soccer) fans where users get the right to vote to influence the clubs they support by getting club-specific Fan tokens.

How do Fan tokens work?

Chiliz is an ERC20 utility token that serves as the digital currency for the chiliz and platform on the Ethereum blockchain.While launching their platform, among other sports blockchain initiatives, a new category of tokens emerged: the Fan Token.

Once on the platform, as-yet-undisclosed club partners hosted something called a Fan Token Offering (FTO).Fans must purchase CHZ via a cryptocurrency exchange to obtain Fan Tokens.Unique to a team or club, these tokens are a finite, digital asset that provides access to an encrypted voting book and membership rights ownership.

So how did this news spread before the City token was even listed?

It was claimed that the photos and documents were leaked as a result of minor disagreements in the team led jointly by Socios and Binance.

The fact that the teams within Socios and Binance do not make any statements strengthens the claims.

The next day, September 28, the listing of Psg and City before the champions league match came to the fore, and there was no explanation from the authorities. According to leaked documents and shared photos, CITY is expected to be listed on Binance at 06:00 UTC.

According to crypto experts, as a result of previously leaked documents, the token of the CITY token is expected to reach the $ 75 80 band by piercing the all-time high ATH.